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Our Vision


An end-state where children from underserved communities can access higher education opportunities of their choice, which to date they couldn’t due to poor English capabilities.
Our Mission


We will solve the chronic legacy problem of English Illiteracy by developing effective, easy-to-use, & economical teaching/learning products for teachers & students from regional language schools across India.

The Issue

In rural India, the dependency on an English-competent teacher in order to enable efficient English learning is the single biggest bottleneck in the pursuit of English Literacy. All incumbent English learning solutions necessitate the need of a fluent English-speaking teacher, lack of which results in even passionate & hardworking teachers mostly teaching only basics like alphabets, vocabulary, etc, which do not necessarily make the child capable of navigating difficult English in higher grades. Millions of kids in schools across India continue to remain cut-off from opportunities to better their lives due to poor English skills.

The English Literacy Program

We work with


Entering the state through a Govt. mandate by signing an MOU with the state’s Education Department and District Authorities, offers credibility and comfort to local teachers during their interaction with LeapForWord.


Any educational challenge in the country cannot be tackled without the participation of the non-formal sector i.e. the NGOs. At LeapForWord, we look at fellow NGOs as able partners in our mission to bring English literacy to public schools.


We collaborate with teachers who are responsible for teaching English in a location where the children have little opportunity to improve their English capabilities. We believe teachers are the most important tool to create an impact amongst the students.

Our Reach









Impact Stories

Hundreds of passionate teachers across India are busy changing the lives of their students by delivering our English literacy program. These teachers inspire us to get better and do more. Listen to their stories.

Annual Report ‘20-’21: In the year of Covid

Much before Covid happened, LeapForWord began using WhatsApp to disseminate content and provide online support to teachers, which gave us some head start over others. ‘20-’21 shut schools and necessitated that our products speak directly with the student through parents instead of the teacher. Therefore, the entire content had to be re-purposed in a short span of time. This report intends to present our team’s collective work , progress, achievements, challenges & learnings during this year of Covid.

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