Our Projects



The oldest and first project that we began was English Literate Maharashtra. This is the only state where the government does not intervene, and we were able to reach up to 110,000+ teachers through referring. We also have student and teacher reward portal where the teachers and students can check their scores for all the activities that they solve.




The English Literacy Program was also introduced in the Alwar region of Rajasthan, in addition to Madhya Pradesh in 2019. The project was executed in 108 schools, reaching a total of 11,189 students. In Alwar teacher training was the first step, followed by onboarding teachers on Whatsapp and sharing digital content with them.



In 2019, The English Literacy Program was launched in Madhya Pradesh.The pilot initiative was first implemented in five districts of the Bhopal Division, and it has subsequently been adopted by all 52 districts in the state. Teachers were given digital training sessions & apart from sharing the content on WhatsApp Enterprise, we ran three phases of YouTube Live sessions, specifically for students, after which tests were held to assess their understanding.




Considering this our first year in Tamil Nadu we will be working in 550+ schools from 6 blocks of Thiruvalluvar district. With the help of 600+ teachers we will be reaching upto 30,000+ students in the very first year of our Tamil Nadu project.



This is our first year in Andhra Pradesh, with 527 teachers and over 32,000 students. Teachers from 11 Mandals will be trained, and we will have whatsapp groups where we will engage with the teachers on a daily basis following the training. This project is a collaboration with two other organisations to assist the Andhra Pradesh government’s I Love Reading Program.



We will conduct Digital trainings and certification for teachers in all 28 districts of Jharkhand. Teachers will then be onboarded on the Whatsapp system and digital content will be shared with them throughout the year, with year-round assistance provided to the teachers.




We entered Chhattisgarh with a somewhat different approach; here, we reached out to teachers via social media and would be providing training district-by-district. Following the trainings, teachers will be onboarded on the Whatsapp system and digital content will be shared with them.