Our Story

We are a Mumbai-based, registered non-profit organisation dedicated to just one cause — that of enhancing the English language skills of children in under-served communities in India.

We design simple English learning solutions for regional language ecosystems and deliver these solutions through local teachers by enabling them through training & certification and helping them start English classes in their respective communities.

Our flagship product is the English Literacy Program, designed keeping in mind the English constraints of teachers from regional language backgrounds.


  • Content Creation
  • Product Development
  • Content Dissemination through Physical products (books and charts) and Digital Products (A/V units for mobile phones assessment)
  • Community Outreach
  • Engagement (IVR and WhatsApp)

To address and resolve a chronic legacy problem that limits higher education & employment possibilities for millions of Indian kids studying in regional language schools – ENGLISH ILLITERACY.

We aim to do this by developing effective tools for teachers from regional language backgrounds thereby enabling them to teach English to kids from their respective communities.


What drives us is the possibility of completely solving the English learning problem that has for many years limited the access to professional education for millions of students studying in regional language schools.

While the massive demand for English education is leading to opening of more and more private English schools, it is also leading to the closure of government-run free regional language schools. The driving factor for the poor (to send their children) has been their need to know English, more than getting a better education.

Government schools may be failing us when it comes to English but the teachers are definitely qualified and trained. By allowing a rapid withdrawal from free government schools to private schools, driven only by the desire to know English, are we heading towards a future where kids may become English proficient with limited knowledge of other subjects?

We believe that government-run free regional language schools are most critical to achieving effective universal education and therefore, they should exist. We believe we have created the tools that can enable these regional schools to deliver English learning as effective as any other school.

Thus, you can say that our primary motivation is “Equal Access to Opportunities.”


LeapForWord was started in 2006 by a group of management graduates who had entered the corporate world to fulfill their Dreams, only to realize that there is a larger world out there which probably doesn’t even know much about the word ‘DREAM’.

Knowing that an immediate positive change could result only through the maximum leverage of our limited resources, it was decided to concentrate on that single area which when addressed would yield maximum results with minimum effort.

Considering that in today’s economy, proficiency in English and computers has become the differentiator between the educated haves & have-nots, the team decided to dedicate its energy towards the enhancement of English language skills among the under-served.

The genesis of our name ‘LeapForWord’ can thus be traced to this single-minded resolve.

Our Journey