Our Model

Our Model

We developed our English Literacy Program based on a Translation Algorithm to assist students in overcoming their English difficulties and to make learning English fun and easy.

The English Literacy Program

The English Literacy Program is LeapForWord’s flagship solution for bringing English proficiency to students from regional language backgrounds. The English Literacy Program enables teachers who cannot speak English to use simple teaching techniques in their mother tongue and take their respective students from Complete English Illiteracy to a stage where they can Read, Write, Comprehend & Structure Grammatically correct sentences. We collaborate with teachers who are responsible for teaching English in a location where the children have little opportunity to improve their English capabilities. Since inception, we have reached out to more than 1,113,400 students through 315,000 + teachers.
English Literacy Program is available in 4 Languages – Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati & Telgu.

Objectives against each learning level are delivered through a series of simple techniques which teachers can easily explain in their local language to develop specific English skills in students.

Features of ELP

Translation Algorithm

ELP is built on top of a Translation algorithm that translates English into any Sanskrit based language (>20 major languages originate from Sanskrit).


If taught for ~30 minutes daily, all 4 learning levels can be completed by students in ~24 months. Teachers can be trained for the same in 4-8 hours per learning level.


Our teaching techniques are digitized and available in engaging Audio/Video format. Made up of 1508 distinct learning units.


Digital Training
Digital Certification
Digital Content
Physical Books & Charts
WhatsApp Enterprise 1-on-1
Detailed Monitoring
Evaluation & Reporting at Regular intervals

The Process

Technology is inherent to all that we do

Content Management System
CMS will be the single repository of all the content at LFW for the user to search, download & customise content as per requirement.
Data Sorter System
We aim to make the DSS one of the largest words and sentences repositories in the world, with data segregation as per LFW’s concepts & generic grammar.
Rewards & Recognition
A platform where Teachers & Students can create their profiles & track their achievements based on the activities they perform on LFW’s Platform.
Robotic Process Automation
RPA offers enhanced services to processes which have a high probability of human errors. It will be used to do a posting on 1700 WhatsApp groups in one day.
Tasks Management System
Portal for assigning & monitoring important but low / special skill activities e.g. calling, data entry, proof-reading, sentence creation, video editing.
Tests Portal
A World class system which will help admins to create assignments for their students & generate different data points to evaluate their progress.
Universal Analysis Template
Universal Template for Base-line tests, End-line tests & Unit tests which will help in analysis factoring in geographies, capabilities, rankings, range %, data entry, etc.
WhatsApp 1-on-1
A “PULL” system wherein teachers are not required to comply with any schedule. They can demand content at a pace of their liking.