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If you have been looking to bring effective English learning to children in your communities but haven’t met with much success despite multiple attempts then we could be your answer.

The Issue

In many under-served communities across the country where government interventions fall short of bringing quality education to children, NGOs step in to bridge the gap. Led by the heart, many such organizations guided & run by some very passionate people constantly attempt to solve various problems for the children. Invariably, one of the problems being tackled is to bring effective English learning to children in their communities.

Resource constraints force NGOs to recruit supplementary teachers from amongst the available talent in the community. These teachers, often known as Supplementary Class Teachers, are incredibly passionate & very hardworking but may lack the necessary skills to tackle specific teaching problems. In the case of English, this lack of skillset is in English Speaking, which means that these teachers cannot effectively use the prevailing English solutions in the market. This results in them teaching only such basics like alphabets, vocabulary & poems, which do not necessarily make the child capable of navigating difficult English in higher grades.

Our Approach

At LeapForWord, we believe our English Literacy Program is the most effective solution in the hands of these amazing supplementary class teachers, who have the desire but lack the skills to make their children English proficient. In the hands of a willing & committed teacher, our program creates magic as children who know nothing but the alphabet start reading everything English in just about 80 hours and start framing grammatically correct sentences in only about 200 hours!!! All this because of the same teacher who cannot speak English.

Why NGOs

Any educational challenge in the country cannot be tackled without the participation of the non-formal sector i.e. the NGOs. At LeapForWord, we look at fellow NGOs as able partners in our mission to bring English literacy to public schools. If you are an NGO wanting to explore our program, do take this quick Diagnostic Test to check if LeapForWord can create any value for your children.

English Literacy Program

The English Literacy Program enables teachers who cannot speak English to use simple teaching techniques in their mother tongue and teach their children to Read, Spell, Comprehend & Structure grammatically correct sentences. We collaborate with teachers who are responsible for teaching English in a location where the children have little opportunity to improve their English capabilities.

Features of English Literacy Program

As our Flagship product, this 4-level, structured, modular & measurable program can be taught in any LOCAL LANGUAGE irrespective of the teacher’s existing English speaking capabilities.

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