LeapForWord is a GuideStar India certified NGO for financial transparency. We are FCRA certified, hence eligible to accept contributions in foreign currency too.* We have impacted 1113400 students by working together to improve their English proficiency. Your contributions will enable us to reach out to more teachers and students.

We constantly remind ourselves that “Donor money” is expensive, but “Donor faith” is priceless. While donor money helps LeapForWord execute its different projects, donor faith in us ensures that we stand TRUE to the reason for which we started this effort in the first place. The true measure of our success is when, at some point in time during your association with LeapForWord, you too start to believe that this work is as much yours as it is ours.

Maharashtra’s Conversion Rate for last year was 31% from trial period to permanent group and Madhya Pradesh’s Conversion Rate for last year was 83% from training to Registration.

Our target for the next academic year (’21 – ’22) is ~5,00,000 teachers & 20,00,000 students.

The cost of outreach, engagement, & support per teacher per month is ~Rs. 1000 i.e every Rs.1,000 of contribution enables service to 1 teacher and through her, upto 25 students every month!!!

If your philanthropic commitment for the current year is not completely exhausted, do consider supporting our work of bringing English literacy to regional language classrooms. You can help our cause through the option given below or through any amount of your choice.

What some of our long standing donors say about us