Desired End-State

Desired End-State ?
  • When there is English literacy all around, then
  • English is no longer a barrier to explore opportunities
  • People make study and career choices from a position of strength (rather than by compulsion)
  • Free regional language schools thrive alongside a healthy private school ecosystem.
  • Youth in rural areas get to access best-quality information over the Internet as English no longer remains a barrier. The Net delivers equality.
  • 200 million kids studying in regional language schools are able to Read, Write, Comprehend and Structure sentences by the time they finish their primary education. And hence able to explore or opt for professional education.

The Teacher is central to our ambition of achieving an English Literate End-State. There are only 6 types of teachers namely:

  • Formal Education System
    • Government School Teachers
    • Private School Teachers
  • Non-formal Education System
    • Aanganwadi Sevikas
    • Supplementary Teachers on the payroll of Community Based Organization
    • Tuition Teachers
    • Volunteers / Parents

Today there are 200 million kids in schools across India who continue to remain cut-off from opportunities to better their lives just because they can’t read or write basic words in English. Talented kids who therefore can’t pursue a dream of becoming doctors or engineers or scientists. Imagine the energies we could unleash if all of them became proficient in English. How you ask? Well, watch this video till the end.



In consultation with our primary donor, EdelGive Foundation, we have set out a road map to achieve the eventual end-state of English Literacy. The Roadmap comprises 3 phases namely::

  • Institutional Partners
  • Trained teachers / Teacher Entrepreneurs
  • Students