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Professional education in India is taught entirely in English. In rural India, where native English exposure is absent, students are unable to access professional education and opportunities for a better life. We train rural teachers with limited English ability to teach English through regional languages using mapping, phonics and translation. Ours is the cheapest classroom teaching program in India. We have proven it works and are raising funds for its large-scale adoption across rural India.

Why this campaign

We started LeapForWord with funds from personal savings. Over the last 10 years we have operated by raising funds from grants. Institutions funding non-profits are fewer and sometimes have long approval processes. So far, we have raised funds as follows:

As awareness about our organization grew, we came across many individuals who have loved this project and have wanted to support and contribute. We would love for people to participate in this project. This indeed is a way to democratically achieve social change!

We are running this campaign to gain the support of people who like us feel that talented children from rural India deserve the same opportunity to higher education as their talented urban peers. If you believe in our cause, show us your support!



Who can donate?

Anyone with an International Debit or Credit Card can donate.

Our Indian supporters who don’t have an international credit/debit card can email us for instructions to donate in INR via Netbanking.

How do I donate?

If you are donating with a credit card, please click the GetThisPerk to contribute $15, $25, $50, $75, $125 or $285. To contribute any other amount please click the pink BACK IT button on the top right of the page. All contributions above $285 will qualify for the ‘All of the above perk’.

Our Indian supporters who wish to donate in INR by netbanking please email us at

Are you a registered non-profit?

Yes, we are a registered non-profit organization in India. Our registration number is E25680. PAN/EIN Number is AAATL7223L.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

While we will issue receipts to all contributors, please check with your tax advisor if tax deduction is available in your country of residence.

Are you 501(c)(3) registered?

We have not yet applied for this registration. We have not sought international support before this. If we have a strong support community from the USA we will certainly look into obtaining this registration in the future.

What are perks?

Perks are our humble token of gratitude for your support. While our perks are low cost, they allow us to show our appreciation for example by writing a thank you note. We have an option of receiving perks by mail or email as one prefers. Digital perks by email help us further reduce costs, so please do opt for it if you prefer so. All contributions above $285 will qualify for the ‘All of the above perk’.

What are we raising funds for?

LeapForWord has been working at the village and taluka (county) level. The mission to make an entire taluka literate has shown good results. The next step is to conduct a spread the English Literacy program across approximately 10 talukas (counties) where LeapForWord will train government school teachers via it’s ‘English through regional languages’ teaching methods to demonstrate and improve the large scale adoption of its programs through the public school systems. This will be done through in-person teacher training and usage of a smartphone app that LeapForWord program is available on.

This is Phase 1 of the English literate India outreach and will train 10,000 teachers.

What is after phase 1 ?

Phase 2 of course 🙂 Phase 2 involves reaching 100,000 teachers but it will be more through digital medium than phase 1 and the cost per teacher drops to $6. Once Phase 1 is complete, it will make raising capital for Phase 2 easier for the organization.

We are not actively seeking funds for Phase 2 in this campaign – this campaign is a one time thing hence we are thinking of going big! Many crowdfunding campaigns that are successful raise beyond their target and if that happens those funds will help with Phase 2.

Why crowdfunding?

One of our volunteer/advisors Almitra Pradhan took on a role to spread awareness about LeapForWord by writing articles about our work and its expected impact on the national landscape. These articles got more than 5,000 views over social media and requests to contribute suggesting that even people who don’t know much about us find the cause worthy. Crowdfunding offers a platform to reach globally to people who may like the project and want to support.

Why Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a well established crowdfunding platform. People raise money here either for novel ideas or for good causes. LeapForWord,with its mission of equal education opportunity and achieving it via innovative, technology-based teaching methods has elements of both. We evaluated various options for fundraising before deciding on Indiegogo.

Is it possible to raise money from crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding usually means modest amounts from many people. Most people we have talked to have liked LeapForWord’s mission and many have offered to contribute. What we can raise will be proportional to the number of people who will spread the word and encourage their networks to contribute.

~2,500 contributions of an average of $50 (some will contribute more some less) will help reach the target. This is a large number but if we get support from friends to spread the word it is possible to meet and exceed the target.

What if we don't succeed in reaching the target?

We have seen overwhelming positive support for this cause and are hopeful of reaching the target. If not, we raise as much as we can and the rest will raised through writing grants as I have been doing all along. While that will materialize too, it will take much longer as institutional channels are slow.

Why does Leapforword deserve your help?

LeapForWord is run with highest standards of integrity and loads of passion. The kind of potential we will unleash in the world when millions of our rural kids will access opportunities which eluded them so far is beyond imagination. We would have truly affected societal re-engineering.

We ask for you help, because we feel the strength to do so!!! We will match the contributions with enviable efforts. Let’s participate in the joy of solving a problem completely in our lifetime.

I have a different question.

Please email us at for any questions. We will be happy to answer them.