Professional (Higher) Education in India is available only in English though 70% of our kids study in regional language FREE government schools. Most of these kids (despite being academically bright) cannot opt for professional courses because they are not confident of passing these English-only courses. The surest way of exiting the poverty trap is to avail education that lends jobs. But millions of our kids either drop-out or cannot avail such education at all.

Like us, if you believe that English can help better the lives of millions of kids we urge you to join us in this journey.

LeapForWord does not use individual donations to pay staff salaries. 100% of your contribution goes towards helping kids learn English. You can contribute to the cause in any of the following ways:

LeapForWord has been awarded the Advanced Certification for Financial Transparency by GuideStar India

Sponsor Teacher Training:  Cost of training & year-long support per teacher per year = Rs. 600

Sponsor a School Pack: 2350/ – (Contents of the pack)

You can donate  every month

Option to give frequencies for donation (monthly / quarterly / 6 monthly / annually): Give people option to donate a small sum every month

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Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Do you believe that every effort counts? At LeapForWord, we have volunteers doing all kinds of work, from content translation to training teachers. If you would like to join us, just write to us and we will get in touch.

Current Requirements

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We can make India English Literate when we get more people are aware, involved and engaged in this mission.

Help us spread the word, every word counts.