English Literacy Program

Aimed at making regional level children, English literate...

About English Literacy Program

After years of continuous iterations in extremely under-served locations, we believe we have a solution which can take on the English-illiteracy challenge.

Our solution completely eliminates the need of English expertise and enables existing teachers to take our students from English illiteracy to a stage where s/he can Read, Write, Comprehend and Structure grammatically correct sentences.

What makes this solution stand out?

  • Pedagogical Innovation: The core of our solution is a set of rules that allows translation from English into any Indian regional language and vice versa. Limited testing has shown translation results to be grammatically better than the most commonly used tool - Google translator.
  • Flexibility: Our solution can be delivered in any local language by a person who need not know how to speak English. Kids can enter into any of the 5 learning levels depending on their enrollment capabilities.
  • Economical: We are, arguably, the cheapest classroom learning solution on a per hour learning cost basis.
  • Holistic: Our proprietary Assessment Framework allows for collection of feedback, recommendation of corrective teaching actions and sharing of results with parents, donors and other involved stakeholders.
  • Operational Sustainability: Educated unemployed youth are trained and certified to become "Teacher Entrepreneurs". They are assisted in setting-up English learning centers where they can teach kids for a small fee. These youth can earn about Rs.3,500 - Rs.4,000 per month for about 3 hours of teaching every day.
  • Offline virtual content: All our content is digitized and delivered through Micro SD data cards which play even on low-end mobile phones.

Program Levels

The ELP is a 5-level skill-based program in which a child is taken from complete English illiteracy to a stage where s/he can read, write, comprehend and structure grammatically correct sentences:

The total cost for the 24-month engagement is ~Rs.3,000 per child i.e. ~Rs.4 / day.

Program Flow


Our proprietary assessment is designed to analyse outcomes at 3 levels:

  1. Student: At an individual level, measure student’s entry level capability, month-on-month progress and eventually exit level capability.
  2. Teacher: Depending on performance of students, identify teaching gaps and recommend appropriate specific interventions custom identified for each child found failing in the tests.
  3. Organization level: How much Value does LeapForWord and its partner organization actually deliver? Our assessment framework can quantifiably measure value delivered (and hence lost) by each teacher. This allows comparing of teachers’ performances to identify the good performers for incentivizing and documenting their best teaching practices.

Download our Assessment Philosophy Note -

Program Delivery Partners

Institutional Supporters (Current and Past)

Tools and Resources used for English Literacy Program

Over a period of time we have developed tools and resources to aid our teachers, students and donors.

For the teacher

  • Structured self-learning Audio / Video concepts
  • Self-Assessment tools
  • Certification
  • Tool-kits for classroom engagement and enhanced learning
  • Post test feedback comprising corrective actions
  • Structured Audio / Video self-learning units that play on low-end mobile phones.

For the student

  • Highly engaging workbook and class-session
  • Structured Evaluation
  • Tracking of each child’s learning

For the Donors

  • Report indicating progressive Learning levels for every participating child
  • Performance tracker of participating teachers
  • Continuing visibility into achieved outcomes compared to agreed deliverables

The Impact

  • Till date we have reached out to ~12,710 students through almost 2,036 trained teachers across 5 districts of Maharashtra namely Thane, Mumbai, Dhule, Nandurbar and Nasik
  • We have worked within both Formal and Non-Formal Education systems and over the years our success rate has been in the range of 69% - 74% which means this percentage of students actually exit a particular level having achieved all the learning objectives in that particular level
  • More than 25 young people in rural Maharashtra have got trained on the LeapForWord method of English teaching and have started English classes for which they earn the tuition fee. We call these people Teacher Entrepreneurs (TEs). In the last concluded academic year, our TEs earned ~Rs.1300 per month for one hour of teaching every day
  • About 10 students in our captive geography of Shirpur have cleared English entrance exams to secure admissions in military schools run by the Maharashtra State Government (For the first time in the last 60 years in this Taluka these many students studying in Marathi medium Zilla Parishad schools cleared this test)

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