• Our Aim
    To resolve a problem that limits higher education & employment possibilities for millions of Indian kids studying in regional language schools...
  • Now, English can be taught in
    the student's mother tongue
  • English can be easily taught
    by teachers who need not be fluent in English
  • English Literacy Program
    Arguably, the cheapest classroom English learning program in India!

Who We Are

We are a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the cause of improving the English language skills of children from under-served regional language communities... Learn more

What We Do

After years of iterations at grassroot levels, we have developed a first of its kind English solution which can be delivered in any language through a local teacher who need not know to speak in English. Built on a set of rules that can translate English into any Indian regional language and vice-versa, this solution has enabled us to develop our flagship program, the English Literacy Program.

We partner with any institution that has interests in education but does not have English proficient teachers. We train their existing teachers into delivering the English Literacy Program and offer them continuous support in taking their students from complete English illiteracy to a stage where they can Read, Write, Comprehend and Structure grammatically correct sentences... Learn more


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Program Delivery Partners

Organizations which have deployed The English Literacy Program in their Communities

Institutional Supporters (Current and Past)

Who have believed in our ideas and helped them to reach a larger audience

Contribute by
    • Volunteering with Us
      for proof-reading, translation work or multimedia work
    • Donating
      towards our course material, training sessions
    • Introducing us
      to companies, organizations who we can partner with
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